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“Sargam Zindagi Ki” is an organization formed in September 2018 working towards creating emotional wellness. The organization has started its operations in the areas of education, human health, women empowerment and awareness campaigns. It seeks to create a future of hope for under-served children, women and their communities by helping them to work on their emotional health for positive growth.

SARGAM ZINDAGI KI has highly experienced Governing Body with 8 core team founder members that accesses the progress of the organization, making strategic decisions and looking at the program and administrative issues. Along with Governing Body, our Chief Mentors and Advisors guide and motivate us all the way to work hard and achieve desired results. Our organization also provides opportunity for community volunteers and students on internship to learn and participate in its activities. There are many volunteers attached to the organization who help us to fulfil our aim.

In our mission to spread emotional wellness, we our currently executing our 1 year signature program called “SARGAM ZINDAGI KI” that will enable children (9+ years onwards) to create an environment of positive emotional health through discussions, roleplays etc. The Program has a focused curriculum that will make the child understand himself, others and situations in life from a better perspective.

In our first phase, we intend to pick up 100 children who will be taught “SARGAM ZINDAGI KI” program. Along with this, we are also developing and establishing our own after-school connect program, where govt school children and others who do not attend school will be taught our bridge program “SAMARTHYA”. This project started on 14th November 2018 at Vasant Kunj, New Delhi that will focus on project “SAMARTHYA” bridging the gap between school learning and self-learning. This project will also focus on “experiential learning” where the prime focus will be to enable children to be able in mainstream education.

Our awareness campaign on health- “मेरी सेहत, मेरी जिम्मेदारी”,focuses on making people living in not so privileged conditions, aware about their responsibility towards health.


To be a front runner in educating children and adults about emotional wellness in order to create a better educational world and generate meaningful rhythm of life.


To lead a movement of emotional sensitivity. To create a society of acceptance and happiness through education, fitness and art that teaches all to be humane and understand the larger perspective of humanity.


  • To spread awareness on Emotional wellness.
  • To introduce Emotional Intelligence and work with children for their better growth.
  • To exclusively work for Women Welfare by creating and organizing seminars and workshops on various issues on emotional wellness.
  • To create a Talent Pool of children under (Talent Fellowship Program) which will be supported and encouraged to further excel in respective field through individualized attention.
  • To organize social awareness camps and counseling sessions for the purpose of awakening the society about their social rights and duties.
  • To create engaging and specialized programs for the Senior Citizens that will help them grow more gracefully.
  • To provide regular health check-ups for the underprivileged children.


  • Commitment and hard work
  • Transparency in all dealings
  • To conduct oneself with integrity and honesty
  • Respect for all human beings
  • Compassion towards all individuals