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Mentors Speak

Mentors & Well wishers Speak

Yukti Abhi Ahluwalia

“SARGAM ZINDAGI KI as a concept is close to my heart. As a chief mentor and teacher with experience of more than 20 years, I feel, that today children, adults and senior citizens need to be nurtured emotionally. Our program and idea will surely bring a positive change in the mindset and outlook towards life.”

Vandana Ahluwalia

“I am proud to be associated as the Cultural Advisor of “Sargam Zindagi Ki”. Our plays/Nukkad nataks are an ideal way to teach children about any subject. As a senior stage artist and my association with Doordarshan, I am looking forward to contribute my expertise to the organization.We are proud that our kids wait for drama classes and love to take part. Recently, our Nukkad Natak on happiness has been well appreciated.”

Huma Sharma

“SARGAM ZINDAGI KI has just kicked off its operations and has been doing an incredible job through Project Samarthya. We are passionate to work for the economically weaker women and children. My keen interest is to soon start a skill development course so that they can be guided in the right direction to earn a livelihood.”

Reena Soni

“I was a part of the health camp organized by SARGAM ZINDAGI KI. As a mentor and advisor, it is my keen interest to make children and their parents understand the importance of hygiene. “

Mohan Anand

“The health awareness campaign carried out by “Sargam Zindagi Ki” surely made a difference as children knew about hygiene and could describe the contents of the hygiene kits. It is good that the organization has the right approach and visionaries associated. I am happy to see that we as an organization can bring a little change in our society.”

D.R Soni

SARGAM ZINDAGI KI” sets a great example in leading the emotional wellness revolution. We as a society are stressed out because somewhere our relationships and life are not balanced. Looking into the subject of emotional management will make us better and positive. Coronation Travels is happy to be associated with this foundation that has the right approach for bringing a change.”

Sunena Maini

“As a senior teacher in DAV, I have always been looking forward to support new initiative. SARGAM ZINDAGI KI has started a revolution on emotional wellness which is so much needed in our society today.”

Shashi Soni

“ I love to work with children. It is my pleasure to be on the Board and support SZK’s initiative. I do feel the gap between the real and school education. We need to impart education in a more realistic way to make our students able and connect to the mainstream.”

I.K Soni

“I wish SZK all the best. The ROKO TOKO drive is an awesome idea. I wish Rakesh ji and his team best of luck.”