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Often, when it comes to emotions, it is either taken lightly or shunned away by adults and young kids tagging them as unimportant. The language used is “Control your emotions” or “emotional fool” or simply “emotional” in the negative context.

SARGAM ZINDAGI KI aims to create emotional wellness in the society through making each of us aware that “emotions” play an important role in shaping us- our personality and outlook. Those who do bottle in toxic emotions are far more likely to cause themselves and others unintended harm.

It seems all facets of health connect in some way to your emotions, whether you feel joyful, angry, sad, disgusted etc or any of the myriad emotional responses that everyday life can trigger. Employees or Service members are often under tremendous pressure to keep their emotions under wraps.

In India, heart disease deaths have risen by 34% in 26 years. Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally and was responsible for 8.8 million deaths in 2015. Globally, nearly 1 in 6 deaths is due to cancer. Our lifestyle, inability to manage emotions and stress have taken a toll on our health.

If as individuals our intelligence and hard work made us achieve many things in life –education, jobs, home etc, then why we are not happy? Why we have many health issues? Why we have many personal conflicts in our life that cause stress and pain?


SARGAM ZINDAGI KI works with people and children helping them to manage their emotions in a more significant way. Our organization works effortlessly creating awareness in society about emotional well-being through campaigns and our signature programs on emotional wellness.

Emotional wellness is the need of the hour and it’s time to unlearn and learn many things about ourselves. Shaveta N Dham, President –SARGAM ZINDAGI KI says, “My sincere urge to all the parents and teachers is to stop telling yourself and your kids to “CONTROL” your emotions. The word ‘control’ may not be taken in the right way by any child and may not help you in any way. Today, all we need to do is replace the word “CONTROL” with “MANAGE” your emotions that will have a more positive impact on the child.”