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“Movement of the Conscience”

The Idea

Sh. Rakesh Deewan, our Chief Mentor, Guide and Governing Board member has started a new initiative “ROKO-TOKO” campaign. We aim to reach out to people who in-spite of knowing-it-all carry a “chalta-hai” attitude everywhere. The idea of “ROKO-TOKO” movement is to stop people and politely say that the act of uncleanliness in whichever form is not right for the society, for the roads, for the country.As good citizen of India, please do stop someone from committing the unholy act of throwing dirt on the roads.


The Government of India’s “Swatch Bharat Abhiyan” is a National social movement that people are slowly paying attention to. The campaign was officially launched on 2nd October 2014 at Rajghat, New Delhi by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

However, in-spite of Nationwide campaigns, much needs to be done when we talk about “cleanliness”. In New Delhi, when we drive around, most of the main roads and the roads inside the colonies, are not clean. People throw things on the road in-spite of being aware. Not only roads, many areas in the inside colonies are Shaveta N Dham said, “Just two months back, I was driving my daughter to the school. The gentleman driving an Audi rolled down his window and threw coconut on the road. I went ahead, and respectfully told him not to throw things on the road. His immediate reaction was, “Tere baap ki sada khaikya?”


That day, we resolved to do something constructive about this matter. The only way to stop this is to make people conscious about their action. We need to tell dutifully, respectfully and as good citizens that some actions are not good and can be hazardous to their own health.

In our analysis, there is no lack of reference to cleanliness awareness drive. However, it’s now time to raise our voices in a more significant way, to take steps that are relevant, to make it a “MOVEMENT OF THE CONSCIENCE”

Today, people have become resistant or defensive to any kinds of advice given to them. “Stress”, “Anger” have become common to Road Rage. Today, we need to work together on this. Let us bring smiles on each other’s face rather than accusing each other. Our aim is to start a CALM & POLITE cleanliness drive to tell people that it is their duty to keep their country clean.

The main road in front of G.D Goenka and Bhatnagar International School is not clean. Heaps of dirt, garbage, papers are always lying on the sides of the footpath. We need to stop people from throwing dirt on the road. STOP THROWING ON THE ROAD!

Public waste bins are filling up faster than ever and inevitably many of the bins end up overflowing before collected, causing not only cluttered streets and bad odors but also negative health and environmental impacts.

The additional overflowing bins in front of B-1, Vasant Kunj not only stinks but there is a heap of garbage lying on the road.


The only one thing we need to follow as a good citizen is to speak in polite and respectful language. For eg- “Excuse Me Sir, Sorry to bother you.Please it will be nice if you do not throw paper on the roads.” Getting angry or speaking in foul language will only not resolve anything.