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The 13th Annual Status of education Report (ASER) released on 15th Jan 2019, says that only 73% of Class 8 students in rural districts can read a Class 2 level text. This means a majority of children need immediate help in acquiring foundation skills in literacy and numeracy.
Between Class 6 and Class 8, basic maths level remains low. One out of four children leave Class 7 without basic reading skills.


SAMARTHYA PROGRAM for the less privileged is based on our idea of nurturing emotional intelligence and wellness in children. The PROGRAM is based on NO WALLS, NO BOUNDARIES approach to learning. It is about connecting with the environment around you, it is about connecting with self in order to evolve.

These children have been brought up in different living conditions. Some children are school dropouts while others have not gone to school. Some children have gone to school only in their villages and have not seen schools in Delhi. Some children who go to government schools or other NGO schools, need help to cope with studies. Their parents can barely afford after school tuition while others can’t even do that.
The learning abilities here are completely different when we talk of children going to government schools vs children going to schools in their villages’ vs school drop outs.

There are many challenges to teach such a diversified age group of children with different learning abilities. Therefore, we need to draft a Program that encompasses these challenges, understand the grasping power of these children so that they are able to make their foundation strong.

सामर्थ्य Education program is established to provide support to impoverished children through a syllabi based on EI and real-life learning concepts. It aims to make these children able and develop a strong foundation filling the gaps in formal education. The Educational Team of Sargam Zindagi Ki brings this program in their own vicinity so that children are comfortable. We take pride in designing the entire program that aims to bridge the gap and define new ways of learning and teaching methodologies.

Children who have less or zero exposure to foundation education, our team prepares them with a fixed syllabi introducing them to the world of education. Other children are taught concepts of English, Hindi, Maths, Science that bridges the gap in formal education.

Our Program encompasses other defined activities like 3D Program & Rangbiranga through which children work on their emotional management skills.